Who We Are?

Four friends and founders

Mix was born by four friends

Valerio Fang

Graduated in Economy and business from L. Bocconi University. CEO of CEBI China. Father of Andrea and Carlo, born in 2007 and 2011, both attending international school in Shanghai.

Ying Huang

Graduated in Business Management from L. Bocconi University. Extensive experience in design sector, former CEO Flos China, currently Business consultant. Mother of Kai and Kuang, born in 2016 and 2018.

Michelle Li

Graduated in Business Administration from Shanghai Fudan University. Expert in architecture and lighting and CEO of KKDC Lighting Italy. Mother of Soraya, born in 2010, student at Leone XIII institute.

Marianna Zhuo Wen

Graduated in Law from Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan. Professional experience in Big4 and lawyer at InFieri Mother of Gioia, born in 2017.


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If your kids want to learn “Kung Fu” just like KUNG FU Panda – they will need chinese.

If your kids love traveling,
China would be a perfect choice


If your kids love making friends,
having learned Chinese will always help

If your kids want to become a Mathematician…


…with chinese, things will be much more easier!


Sound good, right?


Ying and Michelle, are 2 mothers,
who’re planning to let their kids learn chinese in Milan




“Hi, what’s going on?”
“Not bad. You?”
“Well, can’t complain. Yesterday I took Susu to another Chinese school here in Milan. Still not satisfying this time :(“
“Emm… how about having a coffee together this weekend?”
“Can’t agree more. We really nedd to do something now.”


Together, here came 2 friends of them who had the same problem.


It’s been a really long afternoon.
They’ve had long discussion about the current chinese education abroad.


Here’s what they found out:


for all the chinese learners, the first challenge is to memorize tons of ideograms

which needs, A LOT OF practice

and at the same time
it’s also a good way to kill the attentions.


Just like this case, Michelle wanted to check her daughter’s homework and …


It ALWAYS happens thaat before kids begin to see the beautiful part of this language, they already lose their passion.


Therefore, they decide:


Let’s help the future generation to approach a 360-degree understanding of chinese language & culture.


Which in summary:
learning by doing

That’s how MIX was born: let’s take a closer look at the logo


the letter M is the combination of mind and manuality.


The letter I intends INTERACTION and INSPIRATION


while X is the common syllable of two chinese characters “xue” and “xi”


Our core Team
Lu Yi – Office Manager
Alessia Pastori – PR Director Italy
Jun He – Education Director

teachers: a group of talented, resourceful, experienced chinese young people


the ideogram in the middle which means person must look familiar to you


We get together for the same reason,
pursuing the same dream.


The ideogram that means “BIG” is actually a person with arms wide open.
When one reaches his hands to the others, just like us
the power of their solidarity can be bigger than everything.


This is the story of MIX

Thank you 🙂

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